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Our affiliate program is designed to take money which we would otherwise spend on advertising, and instead pay those funds to existing customers for referrals. We will not solicit your referrals.  That is up to you.  If you desire, we will provide you artwork and other tools if you wish to use social media to expand beyond your existing network of close friends.  There is no cost to you.  The cash payouts of this affiliate program are designed to be substantially greater than is possible with any co-op model.  It's extremely easy for you to be on record with your referrals.  Once on record, any purchases from such referrals will result in an immediate commission to you.  Not just once, but on a repeated basis.  You can cancel at any time, and there is no cost to you.  It's that easy!  Tell us what your customers need.  Lets take good care of them, and make some money along the way.  Together!


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