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Tick and Flea Repellent for Dogs
Dog's Tick, Mosquito & Flea Repellent

Dog's Tick, Mosquito & Flea Repellent

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       Insect Repellent + Nootkatone 

This NPR audio link from 2011 is provided solely to educate the public regarding Nootkatone.  NPR does not endorse products.


     Conditions fur coat while repelling ticks, mosquitoes & fleas.

Pleasant, mild citrus scent.  Low odor - to not offend dog’s senses, or yours.  No harsh chemicals!  Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee with Free Shipping on Returns

Formulated for extended release.

 Active Ingredient: .05% peppermint oil

 Other Ingredients: See label.

*Mildly scented with Nootkatone



Before each hike, spray evenly on entire coat, while using hands to avoid spraying in dogs eyes. Not for internal use.